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A Range of Solutions to Build a Safe Foundation
We focus on an aggressive approach to lower your workers' compensation costs by performing comprehensive safety inspections, providing light duty return-to-work programs, fast claims reporting, as well as directing care to qualified providers. Providing a safe work environment is crucial to an efficient and productive buisness.

Risk/Safety & Loss Prevention

  • Develop and administer site inspection programs and determine "hot Spot" areas and classifications
  • Establish Key Safety Leaders Program and provide training
  • Facility Assessments
  • Safety Programs customized to each location
  • Establish "Pizza Box" Injury Reporting System
  • Integrate accident reporting system into workers' compensation claims management
  • Develop and administer safety and workers' compensation training for managers/supervisors
  • Develop and administer formal accident investigation procedures
  • Document all training in safety and workers' compensation
  • Develop formal first aid interdiction program
  • Develop and administer injured employee follow-up program (train personnel according)
  • Develop a formal modified/alternate work program for approval
  • Train staff and administer finalized modified/alternate work program
  • Develop return-to-work protocols for operational approval and integration into claims management
  • Establish clinic protocols for time and cost efficiency in the event of an injury
  • Train supervisory personnel in clinic and related medical interactions
  • Evaluate disciplinary policy procedures as they relate to safety and provide supervisory training
  • Develop proposals for safety incentive programs for management review
  • Provide on-site email and telephone support to all management staff and Human Resources
  • Provide "related issues" training as requested by Operations and/or Human Resources
  • Provide information and monitoring for employee on-site training (all shifts)
  • Provide claims information and operational claims support to Risk Management as requested

Risk/Safety & Loss Prevention

  • Maintenance of OSHA log
  • Written safety program developed and in place per SB198 (IIIP)
  • OSHA Style on-site inspections (unannounced and announced)
  • Periodic audits to evaluate internal compliance
  • MSDS sheets maintained and updated per OSHA standards
  • Machines and equipment evaluated as to training standards and OSHA compliance

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